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Want to Volunteer?

We seek to  address issues affecting Africans, colored people among other  visible minorities. Volunteering allows our organization, and our immigrant  volunteers to acquire Canadian experience through, connecting with our  communities while making it a better place. We believe that helping out with  the smallest tasks can make a real difference in the lives of people, and  organizations in need.

Benefits of volunteering for the African Centre

  1. Gain Canadian work experience within a team environment
  2. Build a strong Resume to boost your profile in labor market
  3. Make a positive impact towards the ACT programs events
  4. Make a meaningful, positive impact on the ACT community
  5. Have access to endless networking opportunities
  6. Get mentorship from professionals in your area of study
  7. Secure internships with ACT partner organizations
  8. Get support to secure bursaries, scholarships, and admission to certain faculties that require community involvement.

We are currently not accepting volunteer requests at this time. Please keep checking for future requests