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African Centre Toronto – ACT is looking for an enthusiastic community-focused person to join our vibrant team as Seniors Care Program Director.

ACT is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address the issues affecting Africans, the black communities, and visible minorities. ACT  principle mandate is to provide settlement services to all newcomers, focusing on Sponsorship/immigration, employment opportunities, training & development, resettlement, youth and women empowerment, family, and refugees.

ACT also focuses on implementing programs and specifically offering services to newcomers, low-income families, visible minorities and socially-excluded groups residing in African to improve their personal well-being and social-economic status.

Position Summary:
The Seniors Outreach Program Director reports directly to the President. The role will involve providing leadership and oversight of all senior-related activities that will foster physical, social and emotional support.

Key Responsibilities:
• Provide periodic program reports to the Board of Directors.
• Work in collaboration with other Directors.
• Work to develop relationships with individuals and organizations which provide. services.
• Engage with community agencies and organizations to promote seniors’ activities.
• Implement outreach strategies to identify isolated seniors.
• Recruit potential volunteers in the program committee.
• Identify Systemic Barriers that contribute to the social exclusion of seniors in our community.
• Write program reports, collect statistics, and maintain program-related documentation.
• Identify new funding opportunities and preparing funding proposals for seniors’ programming.
• To engage and retain senior volunteerism in bettering social inclusion.
• Oversee registration, maintain records, and collect data, provide ongoing evaluation reports as required by funders.
• Implement capacity building in training and supporting volunteers.

Please submit your Resume by August 10, 2021 to Careers 




  • ACT positions are VOLUNTARY for the 2020 – 2022 term.
  • ACT positions are open to ALL AFRICANS.
  • All appointed officials are required to sign and adhere to the ACT code of conduct.