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Role of Research at the African centre

Research is the bread and butter of quality organizations. Nonprofit organization research informs the mission of a nonprofit, and in turn, affects its ability to inspire change, engage the public, and attract donors to fundraise for their initiative

Nonprofits rely on different methods of research to impact change in their cause, but few are as well-rounded as the studies performed by Catalyst, a global nonprofit geared toward building women-forward workplaces. Since 1962, Catalyst has relied on pioneering data-backed research, co-organizational programs, and the use of practical tools like workshops to perform research and impact change to positively affect the strength of women’s leadership roles in business.

Particularly, Catalyst has a unique approach using action-oriented research, implemented in three ways:

By partnering with organizations to address barriers and cultural issues within individual workplaces.

By engaging with their cause through workshops and consulting services to work directly with individuals and groups to better understand the cause of gender gaps in workplaces.

With fact-based, scientific methods like large-scale field studies and longitudinal panels.

Hands-on research allows Catalyst to make the difference they intend to in women’s and minority’s professional lives. Catalyst’s research suggests that people in the workforce operate on an unconscious bias toward others of a certain race or gender. In partnering with organizations looking to change their internal structures with the times and work toward more equality and inclusivity, Catalyst has found a method of field research that engages people across organizations and builds robust solutions for workplaces. By connecting with the immersive Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program, for instance, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) leaders and teams trained were able to garner a better understanding of their unconscious biases and implement new internal structures.