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Food Security

1. COVID-19 Emergency Support: Government of Africa and African Red Cross Society

To provide grocery food cards for 40 vulnerable families from marginalized communities to meet their food and basic needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beneficiaries Selection Process
The families were selected through an application process that required applicants to fill out relevant information to qualify for support. To mobilize applicants, a flyer was created and shared on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The application form was uploaded on the ACT website and information about it disseminated within the ACT network and on social media.

The application was open from October 22, 2020, to October 27, 2020. All 40 applicants qualified but upon verification one applicant could not be verified and was consequently removed from the initial list. We however continued to receive requests for support from the community. However, due to budget constraints, they were put on a waiting list for when funding was available to support them. To replace the one applicant who could not be verified, we selected one of the families on the waiting list that required urgent food security support. Additionally, another applicant was replaced as he no longer required assistance.

Special needs beneficiaries were identified from the final list of 40 beneficiaries based on their unique set of needs and vulnerabilities. Single unemployed women with children and people with physical illnesses including COVID-19 patients were included as beneficiaries with special needs. They received additional support such as grocery shopping. The items purchased were informed by information the applicant’s application form