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Lucas Mirera, JD,EEE.

Mr. Mirera has unequivocal passion for the welfare of the African-Canadian communities.  He continues learning day by day in leadership and strives to better in management and progress in experience. Mr. Mirera demonstrates traits of a relentless community servant history of building capacity in the not-for-profit sector.

Mr. Mirera is an ex-President of Kenyan community in Ontario (KCO) and therefore, as the founder and the Executive Director of African Centre in Toronto, he brings diversity and versatility to African Centre in Toronto which is federally registered. Mr. Mirera is the ambassador of the organization and advocates its mission and vision to internal and external stakeholders.

Mr. Mirera has Community Service at heart and devotes his free time to visualize a workable, harmonized, seamless and functional community, He holds Diploma Public relations, Diploma in Information Technology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology ( JKUAT) and Juris Doctor from Osgood Hall Law School York University.

Mr. Mirera believes that servant leadership is unreserved gratitude.

He can be reached at E-mail: __________________________________________________________

Barnabas Ogega

Director – Communications

African Centre in Toronto is delighted to announce the appointment of Barnabas Simba Ogega Barry) as the Director for Communications & Information Technology. Barnabas will serve in that capacity in the ACT Board effective July 01, 2021.

Barry is a Communications Specialist with expertise in digital marketing, advertising, and Public Relations. He also prides himself as a video editor with a nose for news, after attaining his Bachelor of Journalism- Broadcast Production degree at the Multimedia University of Kenya. Barnabas has vast work experience in the media industry after working for West Media Kenya as news reporter before joining Infinix Mobility as a product specialist then later working at the National Council of NGOs as a county coordinator.

 He is passionate about humanity and often participates in programs that aim to support the most vulnerable and less fortunate communities in the society. Having recently moved to Canada for his postgraduate studies in advertising, his work experience and skills can be utilized to grow and ensure ACT reaches its full potential.

In His Words “I am delighted and honored to join this amazing team.” Says Simba. “However minute or impactful my contribution may be, my hope is to have a level playing field for our kind (African/Black) and to get united as a supportive and welcoming ACT community at large.”

Barnabas Or “Barry” as commonly referred, can be reached through,



Director – Sports & Recreation



 Jemima Mageto

Director – Family & Community Affairs

African Centre in Toronto is delighted to announce the appointment of Jemima Mageto as the Director for Families & Communities. Ms. Mageto will serve in that capacity effective July 13, 2021.

Jemima hold Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Social Work from York University and has been working as a Child Protection Worker for the last 12 years having worked in human resource previously.

Jemima delights in immense experience working with children, families and community partners to achieve best results for children within our communities. Among other things, she uses strength based and solution focused perspectives to achieve results while being mindful, that communities approach issues from different lenses.

Ms. Mageto has worked with families dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues and the results has been stellar.

“I am very friendly and easy to approach as community service is gratitude”.

In her spare time, Jemima enjoys singing, talking to people, walking and working out, I enjoy singing, talking to people, walking, and working out exercises such Zumba and yoga. Eating healthy and

Jemima Mageto can be reached at

Joseph Andler

Director – Youth & Social Services

African Centre in Toronto is delighted to announce the appointment of Andler Joseph (AJ) as the Director for Youth & Social services. Andler will serve in that capacity effective July 01, 2021.

AJ is a Certified Social Service Worker. He is trained to assist clients in dealing with personal and social problems by delivering counselling, community services and social support programs. He has specialized post-secondary education and continues to participate in professional learning and skills development to fulfil the requirements of Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Andler, has since received training with the Distress Center in Toronto, where He was given duties as a crisis line responder, providing emotional support, social maintenance and crisis intervention on the 408-HELP line and He was also responsible to provide links to emergency services when necessary and referrals which offer options for higher levels of care for Clients.

AJ has also worked as a Program Coordinator for the City of Toronto government in after-school Programs for children. While working here He was responsible for Planning, leading and organizing programs for children. He Provided recommendations regarding selection, training, and evaluation of program leaders and so much more.


Susan Mariita

Susan holds Bachelors in Social Sciences majoring in public relations and a Master’s Degree in International Public Administration from Asia Pacific University in Japan and has been working as a Lecturer and consultant for various institutions in Japan for the last 10 years having worked in administrative and policy related fields previously.

Josephat Monda

Director – Education & Research

African Centre in Toronto is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Monda as the Director for Education and Research.

Mr. Monda possesses a master’s degree in Education. His experience and passion have granted him the opportunity to assume all the responsibilities of a researcher in education and other areas of interest and at multiple levels.Besides being passionate about education, Mr. Monda also enjoys community service, creative writing, travelling and sports among others.”I am very excited to be joining this enthusiastic team and I look forward to bringing my experience to ACT and helping it move to the next level.” Says.Mr.Monda can be reached at: E-mail:


Laureen Owaga

Director – Women & Gender Affairs 




Director – Health


Peter Nyamiaka

Director – Immigration & Settlement.

Peter Nyamiaka holds a of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Karnatak University in Dharwad, Karnataka state in India and a postgraduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law in Nairobi, Kenya.

He also holds an Immigration Consultant Diploma from the Academy of Learning (AOL) in Toronto, Ontario. He has over 12 years’ experience in the private practice of law. Prior to coming to Canada, Peter was a lawyer in the firm of Mogire and Company Advocates in Nairobi, Kenya.Peter joined JM Law Professional Corporation as a litigation consultant in August,2020 wherein among other legal matters, he handles Immigration related matters ranging from economic class Immigration, family class sponsorships, refugees and protected persons, temporary residence visa applications including visitor’s visas, study permits, work permits as well as permanent residence applications. He also handles appeals and humanitarian and compassionate applications.

Peter is very passionate about welcoming newcomers into the multicultural Canadian community and loves participating in the various community programs of settling new arrivals.

Peter can be reached at  E-mail:

Evans Momanyi

Director – Seniors Care


Eunice Magira

Director – Bereavement