African Centre

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ACT Jurisdiction

Africa Center in Toronto (ACT) is a not-for-profit organization established to support, empower, and integrate newcomers and refugees within our Canadian society. Its principle mandate is to provide settlement services to all newcomers across Canada, focusing on Sponsorship/immigration, employment opportunities, training & development, resettlement, youth and women empowerment, family, and refugees.

  1. Alberta
  2. British Columbia
  3. Manitoba
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. Nova Scotia
  7. Ontario
  8. Prince Edward Island
  9. Quebec
  10. Saskatchewan.
  11. Northwest Territories
  12. Nunavut
  13. Yukon

    As federally registered organization, ACT intends to diversify its mandate across Canada.  


If you are interested to serve in ACT from any region across Canada please send your Resume to